Before Ben Lomond was a gin, it was a mountain. But more than a mountain, it was a meeting point. A place where East met West, and land met sky. Derived from the celtic ‘Lumon’, Ben Lomond translates to ‘Beacon Mountain’. Historically a burning fire atop would have guided people from the four corners of Scotland and beyond. Those curious enough to make it to the summit will have been rewarded - unlocking views of further adventure.

So fill your glass and journey on.

Ben Lomond gave us an adventurous spirit, we bottled it.

Introducing the Ben Lomond Gin Range

There is something to discover in every bottle.


Capturing the essence of reaching an unknown summit, Ben Lomond Scottish gin is crafted to be served among friends, in unique places and above all, enjoyed boldly.

The process of bottling adventure starts with 11 distinct botanicals, each hand-selected with their own flair and connection to the rugged aura of the mountain. The perfect amount of each is added to our copper stills where the spirit of adventure is infused to create a perfectly-balanced London Dry gin.

Let the crisp blend of fruit, juniper and rich earth take you on a new path, one that is distinctly yours to make.

Lay of the Land Cocktail
Fireside cocktail
Cafe Giacosa Cocktail


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