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Fireside cocktail
Fireside cocktail

Adventurous ServesFireside⬦⬦⬦⬦

For the days that should last just that little bit longer, when the seasons are changing and the sky is showing off. ​

Too cold to stay out. Too nice to go in. This mug of embers will buy you another 30 minutes or so, the perfect hand warmer to accompany you by the fire.​

Fruity, warming, rich and slightly spiced a moreish mug of warmth.​

Fireside cocktail

How do I make it?


◆ 35ml Blackberry & Gooseberry Gin​
◆ 100ml Sweet Cider​
◆ Pinch Allspice​
◆ Knob Of Salted Butter​
◆ Sprig Rosemary​
◆ Citrus Peel ​


Warm all ingredients in a pan and stir getly to combine be careful not to boil. ​Serve in a mug with a sprig fo rosemary and some citrus peel.​ Quantities are per serve… ​

Blackberry and gooseberry gin
Blackberry and gooseberry gin

Made WithBlackberry & Gooseberry

£33.00 | 38% ABV