Golf Content Creator & PGA Professional Golfer​Hannah Davies

Golf was the last sport I tried, until I decided to join my keen-golfing Grandad at the driving range. After my first shot flew past the 50 yards sign, I immediately fell in love with the sport. The next shots were terrible, but that one good shot made me return for that buzz. My adventurous spirit drives me to step out of my comfort zone, where I believe personal growth occurs. If someone says 'no,' I say 'yes'!

I’ve never really had a set plan with my golfing journey… becoming a PGA Professional was a massive achievement and when I started creating content, I just loved the exposure. Encouraging others to get into golf and helping them on their journey brought a real sense of satisfaction. What I want to achieve with my golfing community is to show that golf is fun, cool, and accessible! The old stereotypes are definitely breaking down, in the last 10 years the average age of golf has come down and you see more woman and kids playing, so I do feel like it’s moving forward at a rapid pace and I’m excited to see where it goes!

Adventurous SpiritHannah's Story

“My journey into golf was inspired by my Grandad, he played every week, I played every other sport, then one day I decided to give golf a go. I fell in love with the sport immediately after hitting my first shot. My adventurous spirit pushes me to just go for everything and I want to encourage my golfing community to do the same, and to learn how to love golf as much as I do.”

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