Non-alcoholic Botanical Spirit

Bold & Versatile

70cl • <0.5% ABV

Our non-alcoholic gin alternative has been mindfully made from natural distillates and extracts to carve its own unique flavour path. Experience the juicy berry sweetness of Scottish blackcurrants balanced by the untamed crisp bitterness of locally foraged rowan berries. Explore the piney freshness of juniper berries and zesty bursts of orange peel intertwined with a punchy aromatic spiciness released from red peppercorns.

Flavour Profile

Ingredients & Information


Filtered water, extracts of pepper and juniper, british beet sugar, glycerine, natural flavouring, acid; malic acid, distillates of orange peel, scottish blackcurrant and scottish rowan berry, preservatives: Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

Nutritional Information

Per 100ml: Energy 23.0 kcal / 96.0 kJ - Fat 0g of which Saturates 0g - Carbohydrate 5.5g of which Sugars 2.1g - Protein 0g - Salt 0g

Per Serving / Unit (50ml): Energy 11.5 kcal / 48.0 kJ - Fat 0g of which Saturates 0g - Carbohydrate 2.25g of which Sugars 1.05g - Protein 0g - Salt 0g 14 Servings of 50ml

"Non-Alcoholic" Explained

Why can't this be called "non-alcoholic gin"?

The longstanding UK & EU Spirits Drinks Regulations outline that any gin must be a minimum of 37.5% ABV, therefore it is impossible to have a drink classed as a "non-alcoholic gin" or "alcohol-free gin". 

One of the key criteria when distilling gin is that "taste is predominantly that of juniper". To ensure we created a non-alcoholic offering that tasted as close as possible to Ben Lomond Gin's award-winning signature recipe, our distillers replicated many of the same botanicals used in our original alcoholic recipe and added extracts of juniper - which isn't a commonly used ingredient in other non-alcoholic gin alternative products - but adds a great depth of flavour.

How is alcohol-free "gin" made?

Creating a delicious, non-alcoholic drink that matches our Ben Lomond Scottish Gin was a monumental task. Our distillers sampled many non-alcoholic and alcohol-free spirits and during this research, discovered it was challenging to create a tasty non-alcoholic spirit without reducing the depth of flavour. To achieve the specific flavours of juniper and rowan berries, we used a small amount of alcohol to extract and carry these flavours to the final spirit. This is why Ben Lomond Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirit tastes like a close match to real gin but is offered at <0.5% ABV, as opposed to 0.0%.

Interestingly, many beverages, including fruit juices, kefirs, and kombuchas, often contain undeclared alcohol due to their manufacturing methods. These often have more alcohol than our botanical spirit, however for transparency, we chose to label the exact alcohol content in our drink.

How should I drink my alcohol free "gin"?

The list of non alcoholic drinks that can be made is endless. As with all Ben Lomond Gins, there's no right or wrong way to serve it, only your way. As our Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirit is inspired by our classic gin, you may wish to serve this alcohol free alternative as a "gin" and tonic using your favourite premium tonic water and garnish, or use it as a base for your favourite refreshing cocktail.

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