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cafe giacosa
cafe giacosa
Cafe Giacosa Cocktail

Adventurous ServesCafé Giacosa


I’ve been lucky enough to go a lot of places, drink a lot of things in my time, but the one place I’ve always wanted to go to is Caffé Giacosa. ​

The birthplace of the Negroni.​

Never been, but I’ve always dreamt of it. I imagine it’s on the corner of a sun-drenched piazza, people sit, observe, plan, think, probably smoke … what next, where next .. maybe one more negroni.. then we’ll go.​

This drink takes the bright and refreshing sunshine flavours of Pink Grapefruit and Blood Orange, enriches them with a touch of Campari and Amer Picon and then finishes withs a with a swirl of fragrant smoke. ​

So, how do i make it?


◆ 35ml Blood Orange & Pink Grapefruit Gin​
◆ 15ml picon aperitif ​
◆ 25ml campari​
◆ 20ml fresh blood orange juice​
◆ Rosemary sprig


Pour all ingredients in to mixing glass over cubed ice and stir gently until you feel a chill coming through the glass​. Strain into tumbler over fresh, cubed ice.​Garnish with a sprig of charred rosemary.

Blood orange
Blood orange gin
Blood orange and pink grapefruit gin

Made withBlood Orange & Pink Grapefruit

£33.00 | 38% ABV