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Scotland is known throughout the world for its premium spirit producing reputation.


Our gin is inspired by the natural beauty of Ben Lomond, Scotland’s most Southerly Munro, and the stunning area surrounding it. Ben Lomond, which overlooks Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, is considered to be the “Gateway to the Highlands” and is a dramatic backdrop renowned to have been inspiring exploration, adventure and discovery for generations.

Our gin has been created to spotlight this most iconic mountain, as well as Scotland's stunningly beautiful Loch Lomond.


Before we begin each batch distillation, the eleven key botanicals in Ben Lomond Gin are carefully selected and precisely weighed.

Blackcurrants and rowan berries, after being hand-picked are added as fresh fruits, to imbue the gin with their unique flavour. The orange too is added as a fresh ingredient, imparting a beautifully bright, citrus freshness.

After distillation in traditional copper pot Stills, the gin is then left to rest to allow the unique flavours to marry together… and create a gin of quite extraordinary freshness and depth of character.


Very little London Dry Gin is actually distilled in London.

It is in fact a style of gin, with very strict guidelines that have to be followed before it can qualify as a true London Dry Gin. The liquid, for example, must originate from a neutral base spirit of agricultural origin and be distilled to at least 70% alcohol by volume to guarantee the quality of the final spirit.

The predominant flavour must be of juniper berries - with touches of citrus and other natural botanicals which MUST be added during the distillation process. Nothing can be added after the final distillation or it cannot be labelled London Dry Gin.

At a time when so many different gins are available, we are very proud of the fact that Ben Lomond adheres to these rigorous guidelines, guaranteeing a classic, traditional style gin - but with our own unique Scottish twist.

Ben Lomond Gin is presented in a vibrant purple bottle in tribute to the flowering heather found on the slopes of Ben Lomond and across the surrounding countryside.

This is complemented with a bold wooden closure which represents the natural feel of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.


Throughout the autumn months rowan trees, native to the UK and most commonly found in the Highlands of Scotland, come into full bloom producing an abundance of bright red berries. These succulent berries have been foraged from the area surrounding Ben Lomond and along with hand-picked Scottish blackcurrants are incorporated as botanicals to become an integral part of this delicate gin.


While acclaimed for their distinctive, crisp taste, rowan berries were also prominent in ancient folklore for their magical and protective powers. Ancient Scots deemed rowan trees so sacred it was forbidden to cut off any part of the tree, except for religious ceremonies. Also known as the ‘traveller’s tree’, boats were made from its wood to safeguard them from storms, and walking sticks were fashioned from its branches to protect wanderers from going off course.


Our 11 key botanicals are weighted out by hand before every distillation;

this includes a combination of both fresh and dried botanicals.

Juniper Berries
Coriander Seeds
Angelica Root
Orange Peel
Szechuan Pepper
Rose Petals
Rowan Berries
Orris Root