Lay of the Land Cocktail

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One of my favorite things about exploring is the feeling of anticipation, that crossover point when you’ve arrived at your destination, but you still haven’t really discovered it. ​

That point when you seek out your room, ditch your bags, kick off your stifling shoes and drink in your surroundings.​

This is your home for the next few days. Orange rooftops zig zag to the sea, concealing the streets below, a canopy over tomorrow’s path to adventure.​

A tumbler full to the brim of ice, a home pour of gin, a good tonic and a slice of something citrusy, revived by the Lay of The Land.

How do I make it?


◆ "Home pour" of Ben Lomond Gin
◆ 15ml of good tonic
◆ Lots of ice
◆ Slice of something citrus


Pour all ingredients into tumbler over cubed ice. Stir 3 or for 4 times to mix. Garnish with citrus.

Ben Lomond Gin bottle

Made with Ben Lomond Gin

£33.00 | 43% ABV