Serve of the Open and Bartender
Serve of the Open and Bartender
The Official Serve of The Open 152nd Royal Troon

In a world where every sip tells a story, the charming town of Troon and the adventurous spirit of Ben Lomond Gin beckoned a selection of Scotland’s most skilled mixologists – only those who made the cut – to compete in a challenge unlike any other. More than a cocktail championship; this was a chance to encapsulate the essence of Troon, a task to mix and muddle the soul of this town and its natural splendour into a concoction that can be savoured as the true taste of Troon.  

The champion serve is a beacon of Troon’s spirit, a liquid homage to the town that will host the pinnacle of prowess. A drink that has been crafted to stand as a testament to the essence of Troon, celebrated through the adventurous spirit of Ben Lomond Gin, and cherished by all who wander the verdant fields of Royal Troon during The 152nd Open.

What makes troon, troon? Cocktail competition criteria

Troon. A word that conjures images of sandy shores whispering secrets to those who tread lightly, of a community so tight knit you’d swear the sea itself wove them together. This is a town where the term “outdoor” is an invitation to adventure, where when the sun comes out it doesn’t just shine – it performs, turning the world golden with its touch. This is where our talented mixologists were tasked with drawing their inspiration from. To mix not just with ingredients, but with soul, history, and adventurous spirit.


After a long shift at Scotts, Robbie took a serene stroll along North Troon Beach. It was a beautiful evening, with the sun casting golden hues over Goatfell mountain and the sea a tranquil mirror of calm. Suddenly, this peaceful scene was shattered by the abrupt roar of a huge wave crashing onto the shore. As Robbie turned in bewilderment, he caught sight of something glistening under the settling sea foam – a shimmering piece of glass. Guided by curiosity, Robbie approached and discovered, to his amazement, a message in a bottle. Upon opening it, a fragrant blend of salt, liquorice and fresh herbs seeped out, revealing a hand-written recipe for a very special cocktail. Although Robbie wished he could claim the Official Serve of The Open as his own, it seemed that fate, shaped by the wild and unpredictable nature of the North Atlantic Ocean that borders Royal Troon, had plans of its own.  

White Horse Serve

Ingredients & Method

⬦ 50ml Ben Lomond Scottish Gin
⬦ 25ml cucumber & mint oleo
⬦ 25ml fresh lime juice
⬦ 2 dashes of seaweed bitters
⬦ 2 drops 15% saline solution
⬦ Soda top 

Build all ingredients over cubed ice in a sling glass and garnish with a mint sprig and lime wheel garnish.

Championship Committee Introducing the judging panel

Our Official Serve of The Open’s well-rounded judging panel pulled in expertise from food, drink and golf professionals – including Hannah Davies – who will be joining us at our Ben Lomond Gin garden at The 152nd Open at Royal Troon to enjoy a winning White Horse serve herself!

Sarah Campbell

Food & Drink Writer, The Herald

Sarah Campbell

""It was an absolute joy to join the judging panel for Ben Lomond’s ‘What Makes Troon, Troon' competition. Tales of messages in bottles, golfing escapades, local icons and childhoods well spent in and around town added a real personal touch as each of the seven bartenders nailed the brief. A huge congratulations to our worthy winner, whose highball inspired by a refreshing blast of Scottish sea air stole the show. Guests at this year's Open are in for a real treat."
Hannah Davies

PGA Professional Golfer & Content Creator

Hannah Davies

“The white horse signifies the enchantment of the Open Championship! With tastes that echo Royal Troon, this cocktails story really defies that magical feeling of opening your car door at the links.”

Discover Hannah’s Story
Chris Roser

Ben Lomond Gin Representative

Chris Roser

“It was great to be a judge at the official Serve of the Open cocktail competition with Ben Lomond Gin! There was such a great turnout of bartenders and the standard of drinks was exceptional. A massive congratulations to all who took part. Robbie from Scotts produced a stunning drink with a great story and relevance to this year’s Open Championship, so was a very worthy winner. I am sure all our guests at The Open will enjoy it and I’m looking forward to sampling a few myself over the week!”