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CEO and founder of FINDRA,
the sustainable outdoor clothing brand
Alex Feechan

The inspiration behind FINDRA started when I got into mountain biking. The women I biked with had a real adventurous spirit about them and were very supportive and encouraging, but the clothing available at the time just let us down. There was a lack of quality design, fabric, fit, style, and sustainability.

After 20+ years working in the fashion industry dealing with high-end luxury brands and natural materials including Merino wool, I believed I could come up with something that better represented the spirit of cycling and the community of women participating in that activity.

Although FINDRA has evolved from focusing solely on biking clothing to offering a wide range of stylish, versatile and sustainable outdoor clothing to women, the core values that the brand was founded on back in 2013 remain true today. It’s not about how far you go or how quickly you get there, it’s about giving it a go.

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Adventurous SpiritAlex's Story

“FINDRA draws its inspiration from the cherished memories I’ve made during adventures with friends and the sense of community brought by the great outdoors. It’s not about being the fastest or enduring the longest distance. What truly matters is being able to create a space for women who lead busy lives to be able to get outside and enjoy time spent in nature with friends. It’s about the moments you create.”

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