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Rona McMillan in the Water
Rona McMillan in the Water

Adventurous ServesThe Chitty Bite⬦⬦⬦⬦

I guess I’ve always loved adventures, being outdoors, that kind of stuff. We did it all the time as kids … we even learned to swim in the sea as we had no local pool. I guess we were “wild swimmers” before wild swimming was a thing.

Me and my big brother still go a lot and do a lot of camping, we have a tradition too after our swim, we get out the water, light a fire and make a little hot drink and have a sweet sugary cake. We call it a chittery bite … some food and drink that stops you being cold and your jaw from “chittering” 

This drink takes the rich and deep Ben Lomond Blackberry & Gooseberry Gin, and sweetens is up with honey and apple. The Spice of the star anise helps cut through and keeps you enlivened after your swim.

The chitty bite
blackberry and gooseberry

How do I make it?


◆ 50ml Blackerry & Gooseberry Gin
◆ 100ml Pressed Apple 
◆ Tsp Honey
◆ 1 Star Anise


Warm in a pan till steam rises, don’t boil, serve immediately... with a cake.

Blackberry and gooseberry gin
Blackberry and gooseberry gin

Made WithBlackberry & Gooseberry

£33.00 | 38% ABV