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Rona McMillan in the Water

Adventurous ServesThe Chitty Bite


I guess I’ve always loved adventures, being outdoors, that kind of stuff. We did it all the time as kids … we even learned to swim in the sea as we had no local pool. I guess we were “wild swimmers” before wild swimming was a thing.

Me and my big brother still go a lot and do a lot of camping, we have a tradition too after our swim, we get out the water, light a fire and make a little hot drink and have a sweet sugary cake. We call it a chittery bite … some food and drink that stops you being cold and your jaw from “chittering” 

This drink takes the rich and deep Ben Lomond Blackberry & Gooseberry Gin, and sweetens is up with honey and apple. The Spice of the star anise helps cut through and keeps you enlivened after your swim.

How do I make it?


◆ 50ml Blackerry & Gooseberry Gin
◆ 100ml Pressed Apple 
◆ Tsp Honey
◆ 1 Star Anise


Warm in a pan till steam rises, don’t boil, serve immediately... with a cake.