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The bar with a brass band cocktail
The bar with a brass band cocktail
The bar with a brass band

Adventurous ServesThe Bar with a Brass Band


We only ended up there because you could hear that place from down the street, and it didn’t even really look like a bar until we got inside. The walls were vibrating from the hopping jazz. Everyone inside seemed to be celebrating one thing or another, all joyful, all immaculately dressed and all having the greatest time. No menus in sight so we ordered what they were having. Never seen or tasted anything like it, so we drank it all in, all night. I’m not sure we could ever find that bar with the brass band ever again, even if we tried. But one sip of this and we’re right back there. Back to the bar with the brass band.

Smooth, soft, velvety, light, delicious, complicated, almost indescribable. But once you’ve had this creation, you’ll forever yearn for it.

How do I make it?


◆ 50ml Raspberry & Elderflower Gin​
◆ 20ml Lemon Juice​
◆ 10ml Sugar Syrup​
◆ 1ml Blossom Water​
◆ Half An Egg White​
◆ Dash Of Single Cream​
◆ Soda Water​


Shake all l​iquids until thoroughly ​combined and chilled.​ Empty ice and vigoursly shake with egg white and cream for as long as you can or until light and airy.​ Strain in to a tall glass with some cubed ice and top gently with soda water.​ Garnish with fresh raspberries. ​

Raspberry and elderflower gin
Raspberry and elderflower gin

Made withRaspberry & Elderflower