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Stoop at sundown cocktail
Stoop at sundown cocktail
Stoop at sundown

Adventurous ServesStoop at Sundown


Escape the hustle and bustle of  home and the hum of drum of routine, The joy of the peace of a quaint coastal cottage. Respite for the body and soul, a chance for the mind to wander not the feet The stoop is a place for a moment of peace. Jar open the door, sit, strae down the  quiet, cobbled street.  At sundown it’s particularly special as a fiery glow illuminates the step. ​

Warm light is accompanied by a warm belly, a fiery cup of heat to cut through the chilly evenings .. bring colour to your cheeks and revitalize your soul​.

How do I make it?


◆ “Home Pour” of Ben Lomond Gin
◆ 150ml of fiery ginger ale
◆ Lots of ice
◆ Large lemon wedge​


Pour all ingredients into tumbler over cubed ice.​ Stir 3 or for 4 times to mix​. Garnish with chunky lemon wedge​.

Ben Lomond original
Ben Lomond Gin bottle

Made with Ben Lomond Gin

£33.00 | 43% ABV