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Room 237
Room 237
Room 237 cocktail

Adventurous ServesRoom 237


Drinks taste better made by someone else.​

 Wait for the knock and answer the door. The corridor has a numb buzz to it. The TV is shouting from the next room. You take the tray, wearing the robe. Always in the hotel robe.​

A flavor of the bustling hotel bar, from the tranquility of your room. Sink back into the perfectly unmade bed and indulge.​

Wherever you are in the world,  it’s always dial 0 for reception.​

The drinks encapsulates everything exquisite about being away, ingredients you won’t find at home, a taste that you wouldn’t imagine, a sophistication and elegance that’s beyond the everyday.​

How do I make it?


◆ 50ml Ben Lomond Gin
◆ 4 Basil Leaves
◆ 10ml Dry Vermouth
◆ 10ml Apricot Liqueur
◆ Pink Grapefruit Peel


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with plenty ice.​ Vigrously shake until cold​. Double strain in to a chiled coupe or martini glass.​Garnish with pink grapefruit peel ​

Blood orange
Ben Lomond original
Ben Lomond Gin bottle

Made with Ben Lomond Gin

£33.00 | 43% ABV