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Patricia Rodi -  Adventurous Spirit
Patricia Rodi -  Adventurous Spirit

Adventurous SpiritLa Fluer Collins


Made to embody Patricia's culture, and celebratingthe beauty in her surroundings, her La Fleur Collins cocktail features Ben Lomond Raspberry & Elderflower Gin and combines touches of apricot and lavender which are prevalent in the French countryside.

How do I make it?


◆ Ben Lomond Raspberry & Elderflower Gin
◆ Lemon juice
◆ Soda
◆ Lavender


Add Ben Lomond Raspberry & Elderflower Gin to a tall glass filled with cubed ice, add the lemon juice, top up with soda and gently stir. Garnish with a shoot of lavender and a slice of apricot.

Raspberry and elderflower gin
Raspberry and elderflower gin

Made withRaspberry & Elderflower