First sight of sun cocktail
First sight of sun cocktail
First sight of sun

Adventurous ServesFirst Sight of Sun


Too many think of adventure as a big, grand quest. It can be much simpler than that, a little  act of spontaneity, reacting to what’s around you, embracing it, like the gift of a warm day after a seemingly endless winter.​

 Here for a good time and we hope a long time; set up quickly, caution thrown to the wind as shorts are sprung on, sunglasses emerge from the drawer, drinks orders are in and the chairs are out. The premature taste of a lazy, hazy, summer  dream  is very welcome indeed.​

The first sight of sun is as unexpected as it is good..​

Fresh and bright, a summer thirst quenching spritz build on citrus bursts of pink grapefruit and blood orange.  Like the sun, once out it won’t last long.​

How do I make it?


◆ 35ml Blood Orange & Pink Grapefruit Gin​
◆ 20ml Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice ​
◆ 125ml Blood Orange Soda​
◆ Pink Grapefruit Wedge​
◆ Mint Sprig​


Pour all ingredients in to a goblet over cubed or crushed ice.​ Stir until well mixed.​ Garnish with pink grapefruit wedge.​ Press mint leaves in the palm of your hand and add to side. ​ ​

Blood orange
Blood orange gin
Blood orange and pink grapefruit gin

Made WithBlood Orange & Pink Grapefruit

£33.00 | 38% ABV