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Our enticing and complex gin is a vibrant blend of
juniper and citrus with wonderfully aromatic hints
of rose and Scottish berries.


Before we begin each batch distillation, the eleven key botanicals in Ben Lomond Gin are carefully selected and precisely weighed.

Blackcurrants and rowan berries, after being hand-picked are added as fresh fruits, to imbue the gin with their unique flavour. The orange too is added as a fresh ingredient, imparting a beautifully bright, citrus freshness.

After distillation in traditional copper pot Stills, the gin is then left to rest to allow the unique flavours to marry together… and create a gin of quite extraordinary freshness and depth of character.


Very little London Dry Gin is actually distilled in London.
It is in fact a style of gin, with very strict guidelines that have to be followed before it can qualify as a true London Dry Gin. The liquid, for example, must originate from a neutral base spirit of agricultural origin and be distilled to at least 70% alcohol by volume to guarantee the quality of the final spirit.

The predominant flavour must be of juniper berries - with touches of citrus and other natural botanicals which MUST be added during the distillation process. Nothing can be added after the final distillation or it cannot be labelled London Dry Gin.

At a time when so many different gins are available, we are very proud of the fact that Ben Lomond adheres to these rigorous guidelines, guaranteeing a classic, traditional style gin - but with our own unique Scottish twist.



The Scottish blackcurrants and rowan berries used in Ben Lomond Gin are handpicked and added directly to the still during distillation, creating a delicately balanced flavour which beautifully combines the subtle sweetness of the blackcurrants with the fresh, crispness of the rowan berries.

Together with fresh orange peel and a mix of botanicals including Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Rose Petals, Szechuan, Blackcurrant, Orris, Cassia & Liquorice, the combination of all of these throughout the distillation process results in the creation of a classically distinctive London Dry style gin with a soft berry sweetness - this is Ben Lomond Gin.


Our 11 key botanicals are weighted out by hand before every distillation; this includes a combination of both fresh and dried botanicals.

  • Juniper Berries

    Juniper Berries are the underpinning ingredient and the predominant flavour of bright pine freshness with citrus and pepper spice.

  • Coriander Seeds

    Coriander seeds contain a lot of oil and when it's distilled it has a very complex flavour that is both spicy and citrusy.

  • Angelica Root

    Angelica gives a bitter, earthy flavour that again compliments the bitterness of the juniper but also helps to reign in the sweetness of the berries.

  • Orange

    The orange peel adds the true citrus element of the gin.

  • Rose Petals

    The rose petals have a strong floral aroma which adds another layer of complexity to the overall gin.

  • Szechuan Pepper

    The Szechuan Peppercorns add a slight spiciness at the end of the gin which prolongs the aftertaste of the gin.

  • Blackcurrant

    Blackcurrants add a subtle sweetness to the overall flavour.

  • Orris Root

    The root of the Iris plant, Orris gives an overall floral note to the gin and acts as a binding elements to bring all the other botanicals together.

  • Cassia

    The Cassia add a slight spiciness at the end of the gin which prolongs the aftertaste of the gin.

  • Liquorice

    Liquorice Root provides a distinctive sweet note with mild woody tones to the complex mix. This also enhances the mouthfeel of the gin.

  • Rowan Berries

    Rowan Berries, which are foraged locally, help provide the unique, crisp taste of Ben Lomond Gin.